Hi, I'm Yika!

I'm a Computer Science Master student at UC Berkeley with a passion for Art, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

I got my CS bachelor's degree also from UC Berkeley. Over the past 2 years, I have been conducting research on robotics and machine learning systems advised by professor Joseph Gonzalez in two research institutes:

I also have some industry experience:

  • Uber (Software Engineer Intern / Marketplace Forecasting Team / San Francisco, CA)
  • Pinterest  (Full-Stack Engineer Intern / Visual Search Team / San Francisco, CA)
  • Intuit  (Software Engineer Intern / TurboTax Data Science Team / San Diego, CA) 
  • Willis Tower Watson  (Financial Analyst Intern / Actuarial Science Team / Dublin, Ireland)

For more details about my projects, please check out my Tech Portfolio.

Fun Facts about Me :)

I'm a world citizen. I was born and raised in Shenzhen (a city next to Hong Kong), and moved to the Bay Area when I was 18. I have briefly resided in Malaysia and Ireland, and have travelled to 15 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

I'm also interested in education, modern art, interior design, hip pop dancing and mixology. If you'd like to see my artwork, please come check out my Art Portfolio.

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