Art Portfolio

Scrabbling around in the irregular arrangement of lines, spaces, and colors since the age of four, I grew as a carefree individual, a bit rebellious yet constantly progressive to explore the realm of artistic expression. My work is a fusion of Traditional Chinese Art and Experimental Art. I like exploring the integration of Eastern and Western culture, the balance between insanity and rationality, the spectrum of human emotions, and the diversity of social roles. In the days to come, while running into the unexpected, I hope to take a further trip in the understanding of arts, of morality and of life. 


Intro / Ink, Detergent / 42cmX45cm


Soulo / Chinese painting pigment / 40cmX35cm 


Soulo 2 / Chinese painting pigment / 42cmX45cm


Bamboo in Snow, Orchid / Ink / 54cmX39cm


Ancient Beauties / Ink / 54cmX39cm


Color Mountains / Ink, Water color / 40cmX55cm 


Wash Color / Acrylic / 14.5cmX27cm


Masks / Mixed Media / 60cmX90cm


Uncertainty / Ink, Chinese painting pigment / 42cmX45cm


Signature / The End